November 30, 2012

How Rude! Dylusions Journal Page

Hello again!

Here's another journal page...Sometimes I'm so shocked by rude people that all I can do is stare at them, mouth open, or in this case mid-bubble! Astonished!

Started with some Dylusions ink sprays - postbox red, peeled orange and lemon zest.  Added some stencils harlequin and number jumble with red spray, and if you look closely you'll see some circles from the dotty flower stencil with orange spray.

Stamped a border with one of the new Stampers' Anonymous classic stamp sets, traced around it to emphasize the borders with a black pen, and added some white circles with black centers to each scallop.

Added a magazine image, added a shadow with the Stabilo ALL pencil, doodled with white gelly roll pen and black Fude Ball pen (available HERE), and finished with my journaling and the "how rude" hand lettered with black paint pen and outlined with white gelly roll pen.

Have a great weekend!

~ ellen.

November 28, 2012

Dylusions Journal Pages

Hello again!

While I was at camp I also spent a lot of time playing in my new Dylusions journal!  Taking the class with Dyan got me over the "don't ruin it" part, so I was ready to play!  I created a whole load of backgrounds with Dylusions ink sprays, stencils and stamps, and actually finished a few pages too!

Here's a couple of them... I did this page the first night of camp.  Cut some circles from some clean up paper, created a border with my hand carved triangle stamp, and did some journaling in my new scribble style.

I did this page over the weekend.  I wanted to try this technique, which I learned from Kate Crane's DVD, on how to layer two pages together creating a frame with contrasting colors inside vs. outside. Used Dylusions ink sprays, crafter's workshop stencils, and Dylusions stamps.

And here's some other pages I finished on Saturday...

I think I can safely say I've *finally* been well and truly BITTEN by the art journaling bug!  I can't stop making backgrounds and cutting out magazine images... I'm addicted.

~ ellen.

November 26, 2012

Takin' On the Gelli's


Boy, time sure does fly by! Last time I posted I was just about to leave for "Stamp Camp" and then it was back to work for a short week, and then the whoosh of Thanksgiving flew by... phew!

BUT - I had an absolutely *fabulous* time at camp! Some new friends joined us this time, and we all had our Gelli Arts printing plates with us... oh MY did we have fun!  We spent all day Saturday making gelli prints with all sorts of stencils, paints, hand carved stamps, and other found object stamps.  Let me tell you, some of the prints pulled were stunning!

I decided to bind all my prints into two journals.  My good friend Patti pulled both of the covers and generously gave them to me, so I used them for my journals... here we go!

Here's the first journal - used regular copy paper, then glued them back-to-back for binding.  Some of the pages are a little wrinkly, but... who cares... I'm not planning to sell them to a gallery after all...

metallic paints printed on black textured card stock

ghost print from hexagon stencil

LOVE this.. it's the inside of heavy cardboard packing material, used as a stamp.

Perhaps my favorite print - hexagon stencil laid over plate after using a flourish stencil - looks like concrete!

used one of my hand carved stamps for this pattern

all the pages bound together

And here's the second journal... cover was printed on deli wrap, which was then glued to white card stock with Ranger's glue 'n' seal, my new favorite collage glue!

this texture and depth makes me sooooo happy! gorgeous!

simple 3-hole binding for five signatures

The pages were printed on Neenah Solar White card stock, cut in half and then bound together.

used a very meshy lace as a "stamp"

crafter's workshop stencil

another crafter's workshop stencil

hand carved stamp repeated for pattern

golden fluid acrylics brayered and print pulled over existing chevron stencil print

all bound together
If you haven't had the chance to play with the Gelli Arts printing plate yet... OMG... find a friend who has one and schedule a play date ASAP! You'll become addicted! 

I'll be back this week with some other projects I worked on at camp, and over the Holidays.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

~ ellen.

November 15, 2012

A Daisy If You Do... Ledger Journal Page

Hello again,

Have another ledger page to share today.  I started by using an old gift card to scrape some fluid acrylic paint all over my pages.  I used cobalt teal, quinacridone magenta, and green gold.

Then I added some gesso scraped through a chevron stencil.

Stamped a new hand-carved stamp around the remaining edges of the border.

Drew some flowers (daisies I think) with a Stabilo-All pencil, blended the edges with a water brush, and painted them in with white gesso to make them "pop" on the page.

Once I decided that my flowers were daisies, I added the sentiment "you're a daisy if you do" with a mini alphabet stamp set.  The sentiment comes from the movie "Tombstone" - where Doc Holliday, played brilliantly by Val Kilmer in my opinion, is trying to intimidate one of his foes.  I don't usually go for westerns, but this movie is an exception - brilliant.  Back to our page...

Here's a closer view of my new carved stamp.  I started off as an eyeball, but wound up being more "pod" like.  I like it stamped repetitively - looks like one big border if you don't look too closely.

And a close up of some of the flowers.  I'm a big fan of black and white, so these daisies are right up my alley.  Hope you enjoyed it.  Be well til next time!  I'm off to "stamp camp" for the weekend - I have no clue what I'm going to work on, which probably means I'll end up bringing WAY too much stuff!  LOL! Good thing I have a small car!  hee.

~ ellen.

November 13, 2012

Circle of Life - Ledger Journal Page


Before my Dylusional weekend I did some pages in my ledger journal - here's one of them...

I wanted to try a glossy accents resist, so I scribbled all over the page with glossy accents, let it dry, and then sprayed over it with Dylusions ink sprays.   It didn't resist as much as I'd hoped - the inks bled underneath, but it's another layer of texture in the background, and that's *never* a bad thing.

I sprayed a Dylusions border through a stencil and accented each portion with a white gelly roll pen.  Then I cut a large circle out of a collage page, used it as a mask, a template, and the negative space as a stencil for spraying though.  Then I cut the circle into two pieces for the edges of the page, drawing around each one with the Stabilo-All pencil and blending with a water brush.

Did some stamping with my hand carved alphabet stamps, doing "the circle of life".  I traced around each letter with a white gelly roll pen and added some dotty doodling to each letter. 

Stamped some Dylusions flying birds across the page with jet black archival, and (again) traced around each one with a white gelly roll pen.  I'll have another page for you tomorrow.  Have a great day!

~ ellen.

November 12, 2012

A Dylusional Weekend


What an amazing weekend! I've spent another weekend taking classes at The Queens Ink, and this time we were so lucky to have Dyan Reaveley back again!  Time with Dyan is always entertaining, I always learn something new, and take away something I can apply directly to my art.

The best part of Saturday is that my niece, Lauren, came with me!  She's 15 and has always loved making art, so I new she would love Dyan!  We had a fabulous day together!

Saturday we took the holiday tag book, which is, of course, a mini book made entirely from tags!  I love when the name tells you what it is.... :)  So with some inking, stamping, folding and stitching ... voila!

What a vibrant, happy book! I love fanning out the pages of colorful books - makes me happy!

We used 3 sizes of Ranger manila tags.  #8, and the new #10 and #12.  The more I work with the bigger tags the more I love them!  The #8's are starting to seem tiny!

We did some cut outs using the new Christmas stencils.  Just trace them and cut out with an exact-o knife.   There's still a lot of decorating and embellishing to do... here's one section of the book all fanned out.  Love the graduated layers of tags as pages.

Dyan with Lauren - HAPPY!!

On Sunday, I took the art journaling class.  We each got a brand new, never inked Dylusions art journal - SWEET!  I'm lucky to have TWO of them now!  If you haven't gotten yours yet, you better act fast because we learned they have sold so fast they're almost out!  I'm just sayin'.... :) 

We started by getting over the whole feeling of "Ooooh, my journal is so pretty and perfect, I don't want to ruin it by inking it up."  We sprayed ink, tore out pages, sprayed on our neighbors pages!  There... can't ruin it!  Then it was time to start playing, creating lots of backgrounds for future pages, cleaning up our stencils on other pages, and doing some collage using great high fashion images, courtesy of Dyan.    Here's some of my pages... (WARNING: there is some nudity in the last page - apparently, high fashion sometimes = some nudity.  Just wanted to forewarn those who may be offended.)

Once again... an awesome weekend!  Thanks to Dyan for always making us believe we are artists.  It's a real gift!  Hope your week is off to a good start.

~ ellen.