January 7, 2013

Hels 'N' Els - Recipe Challenge!


I'm getting awfully excited! I leave for CHA this Friday!  THE Hels Sheridan and I had a nice long Skype session this morning, mostly filled with squeals and giggles and all the versions of "I can't believe this is really happening" you can think of... but we also made time to do one of our "Recipe Challenges".

This time our recipe is:

- Large canvas (mine is 12 x 12) - for me, that's large...
- Scraped paint technique
- Stencils
- Studio 490 Embossing Paste
- Stabilo ALL pencil
- Two-tone border
- Letters / Words / Phrases that are NOT stamped
- Collage with images stamped on tissue paper
- Embellishments of choice

It's always shocking to me how different the results are, when we start with the same list of 'ingredients'.  Here's mine!  Very Dina-Wakley-eque I think...

I started by scraping 3 colors of Pebeo iridescent paint (iridescent violet/blue, iridescent green/yellow, and iridescent blue/green) onto a gesso'd canvas.  Pebeo paints are available on fineartstore.com - click HERE for link. I used an old gift card to scrape the paint in random places, leaving a good amount of white space.

Then I added some torn book text in random areas all over the canvas.  I toned down the text with some white wash to help keep it in the background.  Then I sprayed mowed grass and bright turquoise Dylusions ink spray through the Dylusions alpha and number stencils.

I outlined the book text with my Stabilo ALL pencil and went over it with a water brush, but it was TOO bold, so I wiped it down with a baby wipe... much better.

Then I decided to add some of Wendy Vecchi's Studio 490 embossing paste in black - using a palette knife to scrape just a tiny amount through some sequin waste.  Again... the black was TOO black, so I used my finger to swipe white gesso over the black - once again - much better.

Next I stamped one of my hand carved border stamps on some tissue paper, cut the images out, and collaged them onto the canvas with Ranger's Glue N Seal (matte).  This is an *awesome* collage medium, dries quickly, has a matte finish, and you can still write over top of it when dried.

At this point, I was STUCK.  I had a beautiful BIG background, but had no focal image.  I thought, and thought, and thought, and rummaged through lots of stash... still stuck.  Then, it hit me... try a silhouette!  I know... silhouettes are going to be the next big thing - both Dina and Dyan are coming out with silhouette stencils, and they're going to be awesome, but I wanted to find my own silhouette, so I started flipping through magazines and finally found an image I liked...

I cut the image out, laid it down on my canvas, and then used a 1" brush to paint BOLD strokes with Paynes Gray paint all around the image. I started ON the image and brushed from the center of the image AWAY from the image and onto the canvas.  I did this all the way around the silhouette.  Technique courtesy of Dina Wakley.  Here's the result:

I was really nervous to try this technique... it was one of those moments that would either "make" the painting or "ruin" it.  I'm so glad I took the risk - I love it!

The image that formed this silhouette was looking back over her shoulder, so I wanted to write a phrase that captured that sentiment.  I wrote out the sentiment with a black Sharpie paint pen (oil based), and outlined each letter with a white gelly roll pen.

Also did some scribbly journal-style writing around the silhouette that captures how I felt about the sentiment.  As I told Hels when she asked me what it said... "I'll never tell."  This writing is *only* for me... and that's what makes me feel good about it, and "safe" sharing it.

And, the last element of our "recipe" was to do a two-tone border.  here's a side view.  I used the 15mm Montana paint marker to do the edges of the canvas.

Thanks to Hels for the recipe, big thanks to Dina Wakley for the inspiration! Be sure to pop over to Hels' blog to check out her painting - it's *stunning* as always - and so different than mine!  Thanks for stopping by - hope you're still here - that was a long post!

I'll be back tomorrow with a journal page.  I finished a bunch this weekend so I'll share them over the coming week.

~ ellen.


Anita Houston said...

FUN AND FANCY FREE! Love the bold color and the silhouette! The letters is awesome too! Fab canvas!

isisimaginings.com said...

Very cool canvas!!

Helen said...

So different from Hels' piece, but equally gorgeous! Have a good week - don't squeal too much and lose your voice before Friday!!!

Red Kitty said...

Oh wow this is fantastic. Ive never had the courage to do anything like this, but you are really making me want to have a go. Just love how you did the image and the colours, well actually everything. Love it. Thanks for sharing, think will have to have a go now. Xxxx

Marleine said...

Hi. Have popped over from Hels blog.
Love your project the colours and style are fab. Enjoy your time at the show. X

Cornish Emma said...

Morning, ive hopped over from Hels. And wow is this different from hers!! Love it just as much, fantastic bright cheerful colours and love the lady. Emma

Li'l Pidge said...

Fabulous, love the colours and techniques (off to grab a glossy magazine back out of the recycling so I can try this myself!). So very different from Hels (which is equally marvellous) but goes to show how different we interpret things (which is a good thing....how boring it would be if we were all the same).

thanks to you both for such inspiration

Nancy said...

Ellen, this is fantastic!!!!! The colors, the words, the technique with the silhouette worked BIG time ( guess what I'm doing tonight? lol) - all over awesomeness!
L & I keep saying we're going to pattern a recipe challenge for ourselves after yours .. on that magical someday.
Have a BLAST at CHA!

Hels Sheridan said...

You forgot to tell everyone how quiet we both were too... seriousy guys, we were on Skype, arting, silence apart from me singing occasionally and Ellen saying "what's is that awful noise?" ROFL THanks Els for a fabby challenge... see you in .. .FOUR DAYS!!!!!!! *runs off to do a happy dance*

Martha Richardson said...

What a great canvas...the colors...everything! LOVE IT!

betjunroe said...

Great piece Ellen! Love the silhouette technique--can't wait to try it out. Have a wonderful time at CHA with Hels! Bette

butterfly said...

What a fabulous piece... hope you and Hels have a great time at CHA!
Alison x

nannapat said...

Wow! two fantastic canvases from the same recipe. Love the colours in both of them although they are so different. Pat x

Annie said...

Wow Ellen this is fabulous. I love the colourful background and lettering. The silhouette is fabulous.

One stunning make here x

Have fun at CHA and a brilliant time with Hels

Crafty Hugs

Annie x

Renee said...

Amazing! Love the bright colors. So different than Hels but equally lovely results.

Nan G said...

Cool canvas! Love the silhouette! It's amazing how diff your piece is from Hels! They really show off your individual styles very nicely! CHA look out!

Patti Parrish said...

You are simply amazing!!!

Jeannette said...

Oh!! what an amazing canvas!!
Wonderful colours and background, soo fantastic, i love this :-)

Hugs Jeannette