February 2, 2013

New Dylusions - Day 5 - Flossie's Debut

Hello again and a Happy Saturday to everyone!

If you're just joining in, we're in the midst of a week-long celebration of Dyan Reaveley's new Dylusions products that were just released!  If you want to go back and see the other tags I've shown, here are some links...

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And here we are on Day 5... Today's tag introduces one of Dyan's new silhouette stencils... the fabulous "Flossie" (and, might I say... what a cool name...).  The best part, in my opinion, about the new silhouette stencils, is that you get three sizes of the same silhouette on one stencil sheet, and the *bonus* is that you get both the positive image (stencil) and the negative images (masks)... (I hope I got that right... could be backwards...) or as Dyan would say... you get the "inners" too!  Heerrrrrreeeee's Flossie!

Once again, I started by creating the background, and this one is the "twin" of yesterday's tag, created by pressing this tag into the still wet ink of Day 4's tag.  I also pressed this tag into the leftover ink on the craft sheet, picking up some spots and splatters.

Decided to branch out and use the diamonds stencil with both the cherry pie and white linen ink sprays for texture and interest in the background.  To use the Flossie stencil, I placed the mask (stencil 'inner') on the tag, held it steady with one hand, and then brushed black gesso from the center of the mask out on to the tag in all directions to create the silhouette.  I learned this technique from the awesome Dina Wakley, who also just released some new silhouette stencils!

I traced loosely around the shape of the silhouette with my white gelly roll pen a few times, intentionally overlapping the lines to create a 'sketchy' outline.  The white is the perfect contrast against the black gesso and really helps define the image.

The little eyeball stamps were added to emphasize the 'exhausted' part of the quote.  They really do look tired to me!  Stamped the eyeballs (from the Monster Mash set) on white card stock, cut out and adhered to tag, and colored in with dirty martini ink.  Did the same with the sentiment (Say It How It Is), cutting it out in sections and glueing it down, outlining with a black pen to help ground it.

The final element to today's tag was the hand-drawn zig-zag border at the top.  I drew the zig-zags with a black paint pen, and then added the white with both a white paint pen for the bolder area, and the white gelly roll pen for the finer white lines.  Used same pens to add the black/white dots at the end of each 'zig' or 'zag'.

Starting tomorrow, I'll be taking a different tack with the tags... little different style, but still Dylusional!  Hope you'll come back to see!  And thanks again for all the support this week! It's been a blast!

~ ellen.


Helen said...

Think this has to be my favourite so far this week - Flossie rocks!! Love those new colours/stencils... will be back to see the next instalment.

Red Kitty said...

This is another brilliant creation, i have this stencil too and isnt she wonderful? Like you i think she has the most adorable name.
Really enjoying this daily dose of your creations, you are spoiling us lots. Thanks for sharing, be back tomoroow for next installment.
Take care
Sandra. xx

Helen said...

Love how everything ties together on this tag, and Flossie really stands out surrounded in black gesso. I'm thoroughly enjoying my daily dose of your lovely tags.

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

I couldn't agree more!! Terrific tag.

betjunroe said...

Love the silhouette look Ellen! Will have to add the stencils to my wish list (will have to sell a kidney--lol)! Hope this day finds you feeling much better! Bette

Debby said...

Great tag you made. Hope I remember how you got your look once i get my new stash! Thanks for posting these.

Anita Houston said...

Can't wait to see the different tack...interesting! Love the silhouette...mine is on the way! As well as the new sprays...yay me! Love your background here...she is groovy baby!!!

silvergran said...

I'm waiting (not so) patiently for cherry pie and white linen to arrive here (NZ) in my postbox! Thanks for sharing these tags, always good to read and pick up tips.

Kathi said...

Wow. The black gesso and white gel pen lines add fabulous contrast!

Hels Sheridan said...

looove this one... you get the silhouette to look perfect, when I try it looks like it has some kind of disease lol gorgeous colours behind, lovely and warming on this chuffing chillywillybilly day x