March 1, 2013

Chunky Canvas Collection

Hello and Happy Friday!

Today I wanted to share a collection of chunky canvases I made while Hels was here.  We had to make the required trip to Michael's while she was here, and I found a 9-pack of 4x4 chunky canvases on sale, so of course I *had* to buy them, right?

I decided to lay 4 of them out together and do one big design that would cover all 4 canvases.  It's a simple design, but each canvas stands on its own, or as part of the grouping.

I started by painting the background and sides of all 4 canvases, using Golden fluid acrylic paints (quinacridone magenta and green gold).

Then I used my Stabilo ALL pencil to draw a large circle across all 4 canvases, blending the pencil lines with a water brush.  I painted in the center of the circle (between the inner and outer borders) with white gesso, and then added some cobalt teal over the gesso.

The middle section needed something, so I used my Dylusions alpha jumble stencil and some cut 'n' dry foam to apply white gesso through the stencil.

Then I stamped out 4 simple words with a mini alphabet set on white card stock, glued one of them to each canvas, and outlined with the Stabilo ALL pencil, blending with a water brush.

The finishing touch was to add three simple dots to each canvas using black enamel accents, to accent the word on each canvas, and to unify the piece as a whole.

Hope you enjoyed the collection.  It's a simple design, but sometimes simple is good. Working on more postcards and really enjoying it.  Will be back to share soon.  Have a great weekend!

~ ellen.


Helen said...

They are gorgeous! When they are apart, they look like slices of watermelon!

betjunroe said...

Love the colors Ellen--makes me think of watermelon and that warmer weather is just around the corner! Bette

Kaz said...

Oooo Ellen

Love these!! rthe colours are gorgeous

kaz x

Melanie said...

They look just perfect.nice collors.

Anita Houston said...

COOL!!! Love it! Fab color, and love the circle and letters!

Anneke Wijers said...

Very nice!!!

Kay Wallace said...

I can only imagine that this was a very fun piece to create, Ellen. The colors alone make me happy! I have been a scrapbooker way too long where things (for me) had to be perfect. I have come to embrace painting, where things are never perfect--yet have so much character! Amazing, inspiring piece of art!

Candy C said...

Ellen...I love your chunky canvases! Love the colors, all of the stamping, stenciling, etc. You're so creative! <3 Candy

Marjie Kemper said...

How cool is this!?!? I love it, Ellen. Gorgeous colors and a totally fab creation.