May 11, 2013

I Challenge Thee - Chunky Canvas


I'm soooo happy to share my latest "I Challenge Thee" session with Hels.  We found some time to Skype on Friday and came up with another recipe! We realized our last recipe challenge was *three* months ago! Yikes! Time does fly and life surely is busy, but we're back!

Here's our recipe:

* Chunky Canvas (I used 6x6)
* Distress paints
* Tissue paper stamping/collage
* Stencils
* Embossing paste
* Tim Holtz' Alpha Parts
* Tim Holtz' Idea-ology of choice
* 75 minute time limit (we didn't quite make it.... but we tried...)

And here's my finished canvas...

I started by blending distress paint onto the canvas using Cut 'N' Dry foam.  I started with a layer of blues and greens with some white for blending.  Once that layer was dry, I added a little bit of orange, blending it in with the blues and greens.  If I had tried to add the orange before the first layer was dry it would have gone brown, and I wanted it to really be orange.

The second layer of distress paint was barn door red and white drippage down the length of the canvas, allowing the drips to run off the ends and down the sides at top and bottom.  I spritzed the drips with water to let them bleed.  Love this look!

Then I stamped my hand-carved swircle (swirly circle) stamp onto tissue paper using Aquamarine  archival ink.  Cut them out and adhered to the canvas with Ranger's glue 'n' seal (matte).  I love this as a collage medium because it dries quickly with a smooth, matte finish, and I can use a heat gun to speed it up even more.

Next up I added some more stamping directly to the canvas, using my striped square stamps in an alternating pattern, and some bubble wrap with orange distress paint.  I outlined all the additional stamping with white/black pens.

The final layer was to add some texture using the reverse chicken wire stencil and Studio 490 black embossing paste.  I highlighted the texture with some Inka Gold.

I added some measuring tape across the front of the canvas and a curio knob to the top with multi-medium, and finally, spelled out "CReATe" using Tim's alpha parts.

Hope you enjoyed our recipe challenge... be sure to check out Hels' awesome project on her blog... click HERE.

Have a great weekend!

~ ellen.

May 9, 2013

Distress Paint Play


Ever since I got back from Ranger U I've been dying to get some studio time and play with my new distress paints!  I found some time and went for it!  First up, a page in my art journal... just straight-up joyful distress paint drippage and a celebration of time to be creative.

I squeezed out a puddle of all these distress paints across the top of the page and then sprayed with water... let the drippage commence!

 I used a Sharpie paint pen to spell out "creative release" across the top of the page, and outlined with a white gelly roll pen.

And then I used my Dylusions journaling/stamping block to trace the curvy lines down the rest of the page, and journaled all about how great it felt to get messy and creative after months of packing and planning.

Then I started playing with the paints to create some tag backgrounds.  This first group of tags is straight distress paint on the craft sheet, spritzed with water, and tag swiped through.

Then I wondered if I could combine distress paints with Dylusions ink sprays... oh, yeah... it works!

funky fuschia and white distress paint
funky fuschia, lemon zest and white distress paint

2nd swipe through

3rd swipe through
And then... I wondered if the Dylusions white linen spray would "set" over the distress paints.  It's semi-opaque, so I thought it might work... and it did!

I went a little further with one of the tags, doing some stamping with my hand-carved stamps, Dylusions stamps, and some brayering - all with distress paint.

I had a blast playing with the distress paints and can't wait to do more! Hope you have a chance to get painty soon!

~ ellen.

May 2, 2013

Ranger U - Day 3

Good morning!

Sorry it's taken me a couple days to get back to this - getting back to "real" life has certainly kept me busy!

Day 3 was ALL about distress products! So we had ALL day with Tim.  We started with distress inks, then distress stains, distress embossing powders, distress paints and distress markers.  Here's just a small sample of some tags we made.  Sorry it's blurry... crappy cell phone pic.  (Must get new cell phone... I'm due for an upgrade, and the camera feature alone *needs* an upgrade.)

When we got to the distress embossing powders, Tim was telling us that the best thing about the disress embossing INK is that it smells like cinnamon!  So, of course, everybody picked up their ink pads, opened them up and smelled them!  Yep! Cinnamon! Who knew?  Here's a pic Marjie took of me and Jim... sniff, sniff!

Now I must confess, I was *most* excited about working with the distress paints because I held off on buying them *just in case* I got in to Ranger U.  So this was my first time working with them... I can honestly tell you... they live up to all the hype!  They are completely different than the paint dabber paints!  The applicators really do work - paint flows out easily, blends beautifully, reacts with water, and is permanent when dry. Everything that you've been hearing is absolutely true!  We were lucky enough to be given several of the colors and I can't wait to play with them! If you're holding out on buying them... just give up and get them already... you'll love them!

This pic is actually from Day 2... Jim Hankins wore a white shirt and had everyone sign and do art on it as a souvenir... brilliant! Here's Marjie doing some stenciling...

And here's the finished product... gorgeous right?  That's Tim Holtz' handprint in the middle - how awesome!

Here's the silly class shot.  Love the faces some people made... it pretty much sums up how you feel at the end of Ranger U - a little slap-happy! The experience is totally amazing, but completely exhausting! 80 techniques in 3 days.  (not complaining!)

After we wrapped up, a group of us went over to Applebee's for dinner and drinks... here's a couple shots from dinner...

Jim and Marjie... so cute...

Annette Green (FL) and Karen McInnes (Australia)

Karen from Australia brought boxes of Tim Tams for everyone, and they were delish, but she also brought Caramello Koala Bears... OMG... to DIE for... yumm-o!! Thanks Karen! 

Well, folks, that's a wrap! I can't tell you enough how wonderful the experience was.  It lived up to all my expectations, and the people at Ranger were ALL so friendly, generous, helpful, dedicated, and you just get the feeling that everyone you met was truly happy to be working there.  What a gift! And most of them have been working there for MANY, MANY years.  And still happy.  A rare and beautiful thing to see - hats off to everyone at Ranger and a big thanks for a wonderful weekend!  I'll never forget it!

Best to everyone... sad to say that my artful posts will be few and far between.  I'm now going to be living in the land of packing.  Our settlement for our new house is the first week of June... so I've got one month to pack up my life! Yikes!

Til next time...

~ ellen.

PS - I will try to take some better pix of the technique tags from Ranger U.  It's really hard to take pix while you're there - you're just too darn busy trying to keep up! :)