May 11, 2013

I Challenge Thee - Chunky Canvas


I'm soooo happy to share my latest "I Challenge Thee" session with Hels.  We found some time to Skype on Friday and came up with another recipe! We realized our last recipe challenge was *three* months ago! Yikes! Time does fly and life surely is busy, but we're back!

Here's our recipe:

* Chunky Canvas (I used 6x6)
* Distress paints
* Tissue paper stamping/collage
* Stencils
* Embossing paste
* Tim Holtz' Alpha Parts
* Tim Holtz' Idea-ology of choice
* 75 minute time limit (we didn't quite make it.... but we tried...)

And here's my finished canvas...

I started by blending distress paint onto the canvas using Cut 'N' Dry foam.  I started with a layer of blues and greens with some white for blending.  Once that layer was dry, I added a little bit of orange, blending it in with the blues and greens.  If I had tried to add the orange before the first layer was dry it would have gone brown, and I wanted it to really be orange.

The second layer of distress paint was barn door red and white drippage down the length of the canvas, allowing the drips to run off the ends and down the sides at top and bottom.  I spritzed the drips with water to let them bleed.  Love this look!

Then I stamped my hand-carved swircle (swirly circle) stamp onto tissue paper using Aquamarine  archival ink.  Cut them out and adhered to the canvas with Ranger's glue 'n' seal (matte).  I love this as a collage medium because it dries quickly with a smooth, matte finish, and I can use a heat gun to speed it up even more.

Next up I added some more stamping directly to the canvas, using my striped square stamps in an alternating pattern, and some bubble wrap with orange distress paint.  I outlined all the additional stamping with white/black pens.

The final layer was to add some texture using the reverse chicken wire stencil and Studio 490 black embossing paste.  I highlighted the texture with some Inka Gold.

I added some measuring tape across the front of the canvas and a curio knob to the top with multi-medium, and finally, spelled out "CReATe" using Tim's alpha parts.

Hope you enjoyed our recipe challenge... be sure to check out Hels' awesome project on her blog... click HERE.

Have a great weekend!

~ ellen.


Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Ellen, What a fantastic creation, I don't know how Hels and yourself came up with these fantastic works of art in 75 mins, it would take me an hour to think of something ha ha, really gorgeous.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

Wow. Ellen, that is stunning, I love it.

Helen said...

Interesting recipe, I really like what you've done here. The chicken wire has a definate 3D look about it.

Helen said...

The reverse chicken wire is still my go to stencil, but not used it with embossing paste yet... love your chunky canvas, Ellen!

Martha Richardson said...

LOVE...everything about this canvas!

Hels Sheridan said...

Gorgeousness indeedily.. thanks for another fabby recipe crafty skypey sesh... can we do it again... soon? Love ya xx

Jeannette said...

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this canvas is amazing,beautiful colors, the stencils backround are georgus.

Hugs Jeannette

Kay Wallace said...

Love that you added a piece of this great canvas as your banner above! Looks great, Ellen! OK, I think my very favorite part (as there are actually several today) is adding that Inka Gold to the embossed chicken wire!! The combination is totally unexpected, and that's what's always fun!

sara j said...

LOVE IT the colors rock...the red is stunning!

Andrew Fadous said...

I really love these so beautiful canvas. An amazing and so creative work.Colors combination are good.
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Anita Houston said...

Love the colors and the ribbon tape! What a fun piece!!!!