September 1, 2013

I Challenge Thee ... Art Parts Extravaganza


Yesterday Hels and I had another of our famous skype sessions and her mojo needed a little jump start so we came up with a recipe.  We were both ready for a good play with our Art Parts so we decided to go big!  Here's our recipe - all Art Parts by Wendy Vecchi:

* 3 large art part covers (5 1/2" x 7")
* large queen with crown and wings
* gears/cogs
* crayons
* flowers optional
* leaf/flower scroll
* small square frames
* small hand
* other Art Parts of choice
* Wendy Vecchi's new Signature Archival Inks by Ranger

Here's my finished piece:

Since I've been enjoying my abstract brayer painting I decided to apply it to Art Parts!  First, I painted each Art Part with a coat of white gesso.  I used my brayer and several tones of blue paints to create the background on each large art part cover.  I love the way the colors blend in unexpected ways, and I like that there is still some gesso showing through.

Then I used Wendy's new gorgeous Archival Inks to apply color to each art part piece.  I used the ink pad to swipe ink directly over the gesso'd art parts, leaving a streaky, shabby finish.  Because the archival inks are oil based, they do not fade out like distress inks do.  They keep their bright color, which is the look I was going for.

For the bee, the queen, and the fly, I used the coordinating stamp from Wendy's Studio 490 collection to stamp with her new watering can archival, which is gorgeous GRAY color.  It still give the impact of jet black, but not quite as intense.  Love.

Once I had all the pieces painted, I adhered them to the art part covers with regular white glue, and then glued each base to a large piece of foam core, with a small strip of blue around the border - salty ocean distress paint.

I stamped out the sentiment with a mini alphabet set, and added some accents with my black pearl pen.

I hope you like our Art Parts Extravaganza - it was fun to come up with a recipe that left room for our respective creativity to show.  And it restored Hels' mojo in the process - win, WIN!  Be sure to check out Hels' piece on her Sunday Stamper post today!

See you soon....

~ ellen.