October 16, 2013

House Pix - Dining Room


One of most exciting parts of this new house is the simple fact that we have a *dining room* !  Our other house was more of a cottage, with an eat-in kitchen, but no dining room.  So I've spent many, many months searching for the *exact* dining room furniture that I had in my mind.  After many an internet search and in store browsing, I finally found it!

Here is the before picture.  We found that iron gate at Home Goods and fell in love with it.  The square art on the right is an acrylic print of one of Jane Davies' works, which I got from fineartamerica.  Here's a link to Jane's prints - they are just stunning!  

And here's the "after" ! I love the weathered, rustic, mission-style of the table and chairs.

And here's the sideboard/buffet.  The top middle drawer is lined for silver, with an insert that fits the drawer perfectly.  The second middle drawer is also lined with a gorgeous velvet to protect fine pieces.

After another trip to Home Goods over the weekend, we've done some more decorating! Two framed prints, some faux topiary, and (I know it's too early for Christmas.. this was just for fun), a cool advent tree with a little drawer for each day from Dec 1 to Dec 24.

I love this stamped mosaic-look bowl.  It has a bright silver background with a gorgeous copper/brown pattern.

Here's a shot from the living room.  Over the sliding glass doors... the collection of "circles" is actually a grouping of metal bowls, mounted on an iron frame. As a lover and maker of pottery, this was RIGHT up my alley!

This isn't the dining room... but thought I'd share it anyway... This is taken from the far side of the living room.  Love my ginormous clock, and the chest of drawers was a great find at Joss and Main.  You'll notice a little framed abstract piece on the chest as well.... more to come on that soon.

Found this at Home Goods, too... I just LOVE that store! It's a cryin' shame that it's a mere 2 miles from my house now... yikes!  I'm not normally one for fairy tale fantasies, but when it comes to me and Jack... well... there's just really no doubt... this is us... I'm a lucky girl... :)

... and that seems a fitting place to finish... I will be back soon to share another abstract series.

~ ellen.


Sharon Gorberg said...

Ellen your house is just beautiful! How fortunate to have such a spacious home.
I also LOVE Jane Davies work and it looks perfect in your DR. I await another house tour!

Moose Ridge said...

it looks fantastic! what neighborhood did you end up in??

Annette Green said...

Beautiful transformation. What time's dinner?

Helen said...

I love your dining room, and the furniture is fabulous! You have so much space in your new home, you are really lucky. Mind you I'd just fill it with clutter! Look forward to seeing some more soon.

Kay Wallace said...

You dining room seems to have come directly from the cover of Better Homes & Gardens! I am in love with your furniture, but, that said, if you don't have the right accessories, it is just that--furniture! You have created life, energy and a sense of comfort with your art and other decorative pieces. Well choreographed, Ellen!