October 21, 2013

Paint Nite - I'm Hooked!


A few weeks ago, I went to an event in downtown Baltimore called "Paint Nite".  If you've never heard of it, you simply *must* check it out.  It is a nationwide (U.S.) opportunity to go to your favorite pub or other drinking establishment, and learn to paint while you're enjoying your favorite beverage or glass of wine... honestly... what could be better!?  Seriously, I can't stop talking about it and telling everyone I know that they *have* to try this!

I met up with 3 of my best-est local arty friends for dinner and an evening of painting!  Everyone is given the same supplies, and the same instruction from the teacher, but it is amazing how different everyone's results were.

Here's a couple of pix from the evening... "borrowed" from the Paint Nite Baltimore Facebook page.

Our motley crew... from the front: Connie Byrnes, Terry Quinn, Me, and Patti Parrish
And here's me and Patti... we always have the *best* time! Love her!
Here's my finished painting, which is proudly now hanging in my bathroom ...

And a few close ups...

Needless to say, I will be partaking in this new phenomenon again... soon!  In fact, I'm already signed up for another session at a restaurant/bar close to where I work!  And I'm meeting up with my best friend since we were 9 years old (who is, incidentally, the source of my blog name, 10:36 art - see sidebar for the story), as well as my sister and one of her BFF's! It will be a BFF double-painting-date. Life is good!

Take care 'til next time!

~ ellen.


whyducks said...

What a fabulous idea and a fantastic picture. I do hope this catches on in the UK.

Helen said...

that sounds a great idea, enjoy the next one! Your painting looks great.

Hels Sheridan said...

LOVE IT... I wanna come play.. but I am totes rubbish at painting so I will just drink the wine lol xx

Marjie Kemper said...

I've heard of these events... may need to FIND one now! Love the story behind 10:36... I have wondered, and don't know why I never asked. And how cool that you have Tim's clock & spinners set that way up top.... love it!