November 27, 2013

I Challenge Thee... Re-visited!


My apologies for late posting!  I was supposed to post this at midnight but I completely forgot!  But when you see the reason I've been distracted I think you'll understand!  And maybe even approve! :)

But first... Hels and I had another of our famous skype sessions last weekend, and we decided to re-visit a recipe we did about a year ago!  Here's our recipe:

* canvas 12 x 12
* stencils
* embossing paste (Wendy Vecchi)
* scraped paint technique
* Stabilo ALL pencil (a.k.a. the "magic" pencil)
* Words - not stamped
* tissue paper collage
* ink spray
* hand drawn border
* embellishments of choice

I started with Golden fluid acrylic paints and scraped them onto my canvas - blue tones at the top and green tones at the bottom, and then sprayed them with water to get them to blend and bleed and drip.

Then I added some tissue and deli paper collage elements, using some of my hand carved stamps, s stamp from Anna Dabrowska (Finnabair) as well as some brayer clean ups and gelli print papers.  I outlined each collage element with the Stabilo ALL pencil and blended with a Ranger detail water brush.

Up next was some ink spraying.  I used a large prima circles stencil and Dylusions ink spray to randomly spray some circle patterns across the canvas, filling in some empty spaces, and overlapping with the collage to incorporate the layers.

Then I mixed some of Wendy Vecchi's white embossing paste with some tarnished bronze distress paint to get bronze embossing paste.  I scraped that mixture through a Prima dots stencil for this great dimensional look.

If you know me, then you know I love that "pop of red" in my art... so I put some red paint on my craft sheet, added some water, and then spritzed it onto my canvas with an old toothbrush.   I love the random spattered look.  I also added some red paint with my scraper in several areas.

My embellishment of choice was to add some Tim Holtz numbers rub-ons.  I love numbers, so I just added some in several places, and in different orientations.

Then it was time for my words... but no stamping... I pulled out my collection of chipboard letters and painted my selected words white so they would stand out on the canvas.   The words I chose represent my *artistic* voice.  I've been working hard on finding my own artistic voice, and it's definitely getting louder with time, which makes me happy!

The final touch was to add my hand drawn border.  I used a Viva pearl pen (black) to scribble two borders around the edges, waited for them to dry, and then filled in the gap with a Sharpie white paint pen.

I hope you liked our recipe re-do... we always have so much fun with our skypey art sessions!  Much more fun to craft with a friend!

NOW... the reason for my distraction and late posting.... my husband Jack went to work on Monday morning, as usual, but when he was outside he heard something crying (very loudly and very persistently!) from across the parking lot... after investigating... this is what he found... in a trash bag... in a dumpster (skip for my UK friends)....

Could there be anything cuter or more precious??? I think not!  We've named him THOR... which just makes me giggle!  He's a real cutie and is settling in very nicely.... here's a short video of his eating adventures - he's rather ravenous!  Full-face in the bowl approach - like a pie eating contest! LOL!  Enjoy!

Be sure to check out Hels' recipe HERE!  It's gorgeous as always!  Sorry I was late!

Hope all my US friends have a happy and safe Thanksgiving Holiday tomorrow!  I'm picking up our fresh turkey this morning!

~ ellen.

November 4, 2013

Autumn Glow Abstract


Back again to share another abstract series... I love the warm fall colors in this set, and the way that bright yellow-orange seems to "glow" from behind.


* 12 x 12 manila card stock
* 3" brayer
* assorted acrylic paints
* handmade collage papers
* hand-carved stamps
* found stamps (foam pieces, thread spools)
* white gel pen
* black Fude ball pen

Hope you have a great week. I'll be back with more!

~ ellen.

November 1, 2013

Abstract Layers

Hello again!

Yes, I've got another abstract series to share, but this one is a little bit different.  I started with the brayered background, but then did some brush painting on top as well.  I was trying for a specific, layered look... it didn't turn out exactly like I pictured in my head, but... nothing ventured, right?


* 12 x 12 card stock
* 3" brayer
* paint brushes
* hand made collage papers
* hand carved stamps
* found stamps
* white gel pen

Hope you have a great weekend!

~ ellen.