February 28, 2014

The Powerful Play Goes On...


I started a new art journal recently and wanted to share a new page.  I've always loved the movie "Dead Poets Society" and especially one of the lines where Robin Williams' character quotes Walt Whitman poem... "the powerful play goes on, and you will contribute a verse."  Powerful stuff.  I'm not sure what the advertisement is for, but there has been an ad on TV lately with that quote, so it's been on my mind.  Wanted to use it on this page...

I started with a brayered background of fresco paints, added some of my brayer clean up / collage papers around the borders.   Then, to do some blending, I did a little finger-painting - OMG - think I'll be doing more of that!  FUN!  I was having trouble getting the blended look I wanted and just dove in with fingers - worked beautifully!  I added a little bit of stenciling around the edges with the new Dylusions "blocks" stencil and white paint.

I tore several strips of dictionary paper and wove them together over the background, attaching them with my beloved Glue 'N' Seal (since I learned it was being discontinued I went out and bought SEVEN pots - the big ones!!!) Painted a sketchy circle with watered down little black dress paint and added the Whitman quote, making it a little more personal by saying that "I WILL" contribute a verse.

Stamped one of my pod shapes onto some turquoise collage paper so bring some of that color into the piece (lots of it in the border), and then added about a million dots with black and white paint pens.  It's an awesome way to fill in space with texture.

Finished by adding a scribbly black border, overlapping all the collage pieces, and filling in the overlapped areas with a white paint pen.

I haven't done a lot of art journaling lately, so I feel like I'm getting my feet wet all over again - going to do at least one page a week and see where it leads.  This journal will be just for PaperArtsy stuff - paints, my stamps, etc.

Hope you all have a great weekend - see you next week!

~ ellen.

February 26, 2014

Fresco Shadow Box Tutorial


I've been having so much fun playing with my new stamps and fresco paints... I can't seem to stop exploring new projects and trying new things.  Today I wanted to share the step-by-step evolution of a shadow box project I did over the weekend.

I started with a 15cm x 15cm wood shadow box from PaperArtsy.

I used my brayer to apply a base coat of snowflake, and then added some areas of cheesecake, zesty zing, and limelight paints, leaving some white spaces.

Then I used my scratchy leaf pod stamp (EEV02) - can you tell this is a recent favorite? I seem to be using it a LOT for backgrounds! I applied both Saffron and Sap Green archival inks to the stamp and repeat stamped it across the entire piece.

I love the dual tones of the stamping.

Then I used JOFY's new stencil and applied little black dress paint with some cut 'n' dry foam. Remember to get some paint on your foam, and then dab it off so your foam isn't over-loaded.  That is when you'll have paint seep underneath the stencil and you'll get messy results.  Dab ON... Dab OFF...

Added just a few white highlights with a Molotow fine tip paint pen, and a few black dots at the top of each flower pod with the black paint pen (this one is by Elmer's).

Decided to add more flower pods to the right side as well....

Used my favorite mini alphabet set to stamp out a simple art quote with jet black archival ink.

Set that aside and got started on my frame.  I coated the entire frame with a coat of snowflake paint, and then added a few very brushy strokes of cheesecake and zesty zing so the frame would coordinate with the insert we just worked on.

Then I chose some stamps for the frame itself... the bold triangle in the corners is a great way to transition with other border stamps.  The striped border is from EEV03 and the bold triangle is from EEV01.

And here's the results of the stamping...

I've had these strips of corrugated cardboard for *ages* and decided to finally use some of them.  I cut them to the width of the frame edges and gave them a coat of snowflake, followed by brushy strokes of cheesecake and zesty zing, with the top part swiped over with little black dress.

I glued the cardboard strips to the edges of the shadow box frame, glued our brayered piece into the center, and.... voila!

Hope you enjoyed... I'll be finding a home for this in my studio... let me know if you give it a try - I'd love to see what you make!   I'm working on a few pieces but the ole' day job is keeping me very busy these days... and today is "say-goodbye-to-the-gray" day!  In other words... hair cut and color after work! Goodbye gray roots!   

Hope you're having a good week so far.  See you soon!

~ ellen.

February 25, 2014

'Fresco Chic' Manila File Folder


Recently I shared a couple of altered manila file folders I made.  I'm really loving these and have actually taken some to work!  I've gotten so many comments and questions... so I've made a few more.  Today I wanted to share one that's done with all Fresco paints in very muted "shabby-chic" tones, so I'm calling it 'Fresco Chic'!  No step by steps today...  here's the front...

And here's the back....

After gessoing the front and back, I started by brayering several muted tones of fresco finish paints all over the folder, leaving some white spaces.  Next I used two different stencils (Finnabair's "Cubes" - Prima, and this lattice stencil (orange paint) that I can NOT find the name of to save me... and trust me, I've looked *hard*! )

Then I used Ranger's sap green archival ink to stamp my scratchy pod stamp from my Eclectica stamp set EEV002.  I stamped it in repeating patterns in different areas of the folder.  I like that it almost disappears in some areas... after all, it is a BACKground, right?

Added some scripty tissue paper in big sections - I'm learning that bigger work requires bigger collage pieces... at least to my eye...

And then I stamped my striped border from EEV03 with Snowflake paint, and outlined each stripe with a brown watercolor pencil, and traced over with a water brush.

I used a large alphabet stamp set to stamp out the words "CREATE", "INSPIRE" and "DREAM" on white card, adhered to the folder front, and then outlined with very watered down paints just to give a *hint* of color.

Hope you liked the folder - I've got a few more to share over the coming weeks - stay tuned!

I'll be back tomorrow with a little shadow box project. See you then!

~ ellen.

February 24, 2014

ATC Masterboard


Time to start another week and thought I'd kick it off with a tutorial on an ATC master board.  I've done this recently on the PaperArtsy blog, but thought it would be fun to show here as well, and I make ATC's a LOT, so I've got plenty of material!  

I started with Smoothy Heavyweight card, jet black archival ink, and my EEV01 stamps - bold shapes.

I chose four shapes and stamped them in strips, covering the entire page...

Then I went to town with Lin Brown's new limited edition paint colors and my trusty brayer...

First Chartreuse.

Then Tikka.

Some Seaweed.

Added some Autumn Fire...

And here's where I skipped a few photo steps - oops. I brayered some snowflake paint in random sections over the background, then stamped my diamond pattern (EEV03) over the white (still not happy with it), so added book text over the whole thing, letting some of the diamond stamping peek through... much better...)

Then, to incorporate the collage into the piece, I did some over-stamping with my striped border and Lin's Chutney paint...

This master board had originally been intended for some card backgrounds, but it just became too busy so I decided ATC's would be better... I cut them down, added some paint and paint pen markings, and here you go....

and a few close ups... these will likely be used for future Truth Cards.

I'll be back tomorrow with another project to share... thanks for stopping by!

~ ellen.