March 18, 2014

PaperArtsy Day 3 - Art Journal Page with Video - Part 3


Thank you so much for all your lovely feedback - it means a lot to me!  I'm back again today to wrap up the video series on the creation of an art journal page over on the PaperArtsy blog.  

Here's a look at the finished page... hope you liked following along as I created it.

Today I'll be showing you how I do my lettering, as well as a little bit of work with paint pens.

Thanks again for following along... see you soon!

~ ellen.


annekescardart said...

Great design, great words and oh so true. Thanks for sharing Anneke.

Dara Lynn said...

I really enjoyed this video series !! I picked up a couple of tips and learned a different lettering technique! :) Congratulations on your new stamp line Ellen!

Sobre el Arte y otras Aventuras said...

Thanks for the video. And thanks for the tips re lettering, it's something that I usually struggle with so it will be great to apply your tips and see how it changes :)