April 15, 2015

Embossed Metal Altered Cigar Box


Glad to be back in blog-land... has been a long time, but I've been busy in the studio playing with embossed metal.  It all started during a long Skype with Hels.  I had an old cigar box that was just begging to be altered.  So I pulled out my Ten Seconds Studio molds and metal and got to work.

Here is the before picture...

As you can see, this box was pretty worn with lots of tears and chips, so I decided to paint it all black with a double coat of black gesso.

Then I picked out a cool metal mold and a sheet of red metal and got to work embossing.  I started with a large paper stump, then moved to a smaller paper stump, and finally used a detail tool to bring out all the fine details of the pattern.

I adhered the metal to the box using ultra-sticky adhesive sheets, and enforced the edges using a texture wheel.  Then painted over the whole sheet with black paint and wiped it back to reveal the red metal, but leaving the black paint behind in the grooves of the pattern.    

The sides of the box were done using an embossing folder and my trusty Vagabond machine - SO much easier than hand-embossing, and I love this geometric pattern.

I decided to do another hand-embossed sheet for the inside of the box lid.  Once all the metal pieces were adhered, I sanded over the raised area to reveal the raw metal.  It really brings the whole thing to life.

I've had these glass drawer pull knobs in my stash for years and decided to finally put them to use.  I couldn't find a screw that was short enough to use, so I just adhered it to the lid with gel medium.

After it was dry, I decided to add a shiny finish to the surface.  I painted a layer of Ranger's Patina Gloss Glaze - I LOVE this stuff!  It dries quickly, leaves a silky smooth finish, and it's just gorgeous!

Hope you enjoyed.  I've got a lot more boxes to share.  Some cigar boxes, and some small unfinished wooden boxes from the craft store.  I'm thinking of setting up a shopping page on the blog, or an Etsy site so I can offer them for sale.  So tell me... would you buy one?  Let me know!

Take care - I'll be back soon with more to share.  Good to be back.

~ ellen.

April 13, 2015

Altered Cigar Box - PaperArtsy Fun


I'm back!  Today I'm sharing a recent project I did over on the PaperArtsy blog.   I have been having a lot of fun in the studio, altering old cigar boxes so I decided to try my favorite brayer and stamping techniques to alter a small cigar (cigarillo) box.  Here is the "before" pic...

Head over to the PaperArtsy blog HERE to check out the finished result.  Hope you enjoy!  I'll be sharing some of my other altered boxes here soon.  Thanks for stopping by!

~ ellen.

March 12, 2015

What I've Been Up To

Hi everyone,

It has been QUITE a while since my last blog post and some of you have asked if everything is OK. So I wanted to take a moment to let you know.... I'm fine.  I'm just taking a bit of a break from blog land to focus on some goals, both personal and artistic.  

On a personal note, I've been focusing on losing some weight, something I have struggled with my whole life.  I have been successful in losing weight a couple of times, but have let it creep back on ever so slowly (dang it, I do love food!).  I'm going to see Hels in May and really wanted to drop 30 pounds because it will make traveling more comfortable and enjoyable for me.  I'm happy to report that after only 7 weeks, I've lost 22 pounds!  Only 8 more to go.  

Artistically, I've been doing less than normal, but I still spend time in the studio, and I'm working some items that I hope to be able to sell in an on-line shop (not sure if I'll do the Etsy route, or add a shopping page to my blog... need to do more research).

I'm heading off to "stamp camp" this afternoon and will spend the weekend with a group of wonderful ladies making art for 3 days.  Looking forward to some quality time with quality people!

I hope you are all doing well - I'll be back sometime - just not sure when.   Until then...

~ ellen.