January 9, 2017

Dimensional Coloring Book Cards


Today I have a few more coloring book cards to share.  As you know, I've been coloring up a storm, and when I completed these pages, they just seemed to lend themselves to adding some dimension, so I got out my detail scissors and did some fussy cutting, added some white craft foam to the different layers, and... voila!

This next set is more geometric...

I'm leaving most of my colored cards blank until I'm ready to send one out, then I just add a simple sentiment for the occasion.

Hope you have a great Monday.  It's C.O.L.D.!!  Stay warm!

~ ellen.

January 1, 2017

Original Sketched Watercolor Cards

Hello and Happy New Year!

I thought I would kick the year off right with a quick blog post.  Hope you all had a wonderful New Year's celebration - I spent the afternoon with a crafty friend making melt and pour candles - the whole house smells like fragrance oils... we used lavender, clean linen, sweet pea and vanilla.  Then had a quiet evening watching the Downton Abbey marathon with hubby - wild times I tell ya!  Hee!

I wanted to share a few finished cards I made recently.  The sketches were done quite a while ago, but I finally finished them with watercolors and turned them into cards.

I did the sketches with a black fine tip pen onto cheap drawing paper (I didn't know at the time that I would use watercolors later... would have gotten even better results using watercolor paper), then used Winsor & Newton watercolors to fill them in, trimmed them down to card size, and matted them with coordinating papers and tiny trips of corrugated cardboard onto a card front.  I will leave these blank on inside and out and let the sketch be the only focus.  Here are a few shots of the individual cards.

First-up, one of my favorite flowers, the California Poppy.

No sure this is an official flower, but it's one of the only truly original flowers that I draw/paint well, and was the basis for one of my flower stamps for PaperArtsy.  You can find it HERE at the Frantic Stamper if you're interested.  Or HERE at PaperArtsy in the UK.

And of course the Coneflower... a classic... this is a super simple version with little detail, but I like it's simplicity.

I've been coloring up a storm lately so I'll have lots of coloring cards to share soon.  Enjoy your New Year's Day!  I "might" need to hit the craft store... just sayin'... :)

See you soon,

~ ellen.